The beta module along with some friends

The beta module along with some friends

What is Sol?

Sol aims to be the center of your Eurorack modular synthesizer. It is a USB MIDI to CV/Gate module. It is an unusual module, though. Sol is the first Eurorack module that can be re-programmed using CircuitPython. It's designed from the ground up to be customized by you. You are not limited by what I've programmed the module to do and you don't have to become an embedded developer to impart your own magic into this module.

How does it work? Well, just like any other CircuitPython device, when you connect Sol to your computer you'll see a very small external drive. This drive has a [](<>) file that you can edit with any text editor and customize how this module works. No complicated developer tools to install!

You can see the amazing John Park demo the beta version of Sol in this video:


How Sol maps MIDI to CV/Gate

Sol comes with lots of examples, but it doesn't have any strict limits on how you map MIDI data to the eight outputs. If you want to send velocity to CV B, you just add it to the code: outputs.cv_b = state.velocity, if you want to send some CC value to CV C, same idea: outputs.cv_c =[42] . Sol gives you complete control over how it maps MIDI data to the outputs and you can customize it using the extremely beginner-friendly and approachable Python language. What's even better is that you can change all of this on the fly- you just save the [](<>) and your changes are immediately applied. It encourages you to experiment and explore the possibilities!

What else can Sol do?

Sol can do everything you'd expect a MIDI to CV/Gate module to do. It can do multiple channels, portamento, polyphony, MIDI clock & transport, etc. Sol comes with examples on how to do most of these common use cases. However, the real power is that Sol is basically a teeny re-programmable computer with CV and Gate outputs. That means it can act as an envelope generator, an LFO, a random CV/gate source, and even more! It'll come with some examples on how to do things other than just MIDI conversion.

Who's making this?

Sol is designed by Thea Flowers in Seattle, Washington. It'll be assembled and tested in the United States.